At we bring you options to pursue event planning as a career.

Since event planning is rarely offered as a degree in college, it often helps to take courses to firstly make sure you want to pursue this industry and secondly to learn how to become the best planner you can be.

Unfortunately, many online courses cost over $1000 and we believe that is too high of a price. The course that we recommend as the best course for you to learn the industry, learn how to advance your career and learn about starting your own planning business can be found here.

Here is our review:

event planning courselaptop_655x464ipad event planning course

The course is called “Become an Event Planner” and costs just $47. The beauty of the course is that it is self-guided so you can take as long or as short of a time period to complete it. If you have a lot of time, you can complete the course in 30 days or less; and then you will only pay $47.

We recommend you take several months to complete the material because the projects and assignments included in the course are worth thousands of dollars. After you complete each assignment you learn so much about the industry and the nice thing is that many of the assignments can be used for your own website, client presentations, social media accounts, proposals, client portfolio and many other things.

We found that this price cannot be beat.

The Become an Event Planner course main highlights:

  • They teach you the most effective ways to market yourself as an event planner that actually work in 2015. These are actionable tips that work to grow your business.
  • How to price your services to maximize your earnings. Wonderful advice in this section.
  • How to get the necessary experience in event planning – they offer several approaches to getting work in the industry that helps you learn, build your portfolio and eventually start your career or your own business.
  • Brilliant marketing tactics that get you high paying clients. We found that most courses do not teach you real-world tactics to getting clients. This course does.
  • Should you go to college or take an event planner course? (Readers have this question frequently – the answer is that if you are thinking about going to college you should go to college. College is about much more than learning event planning – it is an experience that helps you grow as a person. So we recommend going to college but also taking an event planning course online to make sure you want to pursue this industry. This course goes over these details.)
  • Included in this course are 23 event planning templates you that save you time and money – templates for making client proposals, finding venues, event evaluation checklists and more.

We give the “Become an Event Planner” course two big thumbs up.

As part of the course, a certificate is mailed to you after four months.


If you want to spend over $1000, we are working on a review for courses in that price range (coming soon).